There are many individuals named Johnnie Odom on the Internet. I am the one associated with Pensacola FL, Amherst MA, Lancaster England, and Coronado CA. I currently work as a Network Analyst for the School District of Escambia County and have links to various theatrical organizations.

My website is intended for static content: It's my stable, public record. Consequently, I tend towards keeping long-lived items here and keep the site as low-maintenance as possible. Right now I am in the middle of a periodic rebuild, so things will be shifting around. Every day I should be putting some updated content back on the site, but for today there is nothing else here. (Sunday, June 12, 2011)

Other Places You Might Find Me

My social networking presence on the public Internet is a bit spotty -- not because of any privacy preferences but because the social and professional networks where I am most active are not public. To keep up with friends and for professional reasons, I do maintain at least a marginal presence on the following sites, listed in order of my activity: